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Sage's Foot & Butt Crush Humiliation- POV
Custom Video! In an ultimate POV experience, you watch as Sage mocks your pathetic existence while wearing tight workout pants. He's just come back from the gym and reeks. His barefeet stomping towards you. "Aw yeah, take that stench in. They smell toxic haha." Closeups of his barefeet encase you before he gets another idea. 
He stretches, does some push ups barefoot, and starts showing off his massive ass, tight in the pants- but if you look closely you can just how muscular his posterior is. This stud def stays in shape. He starts laughing more, and decides to sit on you. Bouncing up and down, he starts getting gassy and lets out some farts as well. Intense to the point video. 


10 minutes

Sage's Foot & Butt Crush Humiliation- POV

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