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Sage's Food Stuffing & Vore Torture

Sage is hungry! He eats pizza and a huge burrito in front of his half inch tall nephew, "the disgrace of the family haha. Here, take a bit of the food for yourself! Oh wait, it's still too big for you!" Sage burps, talks with his mouth full, expands his muscular stomach in and out, all while taunting the twerp. "You could just fall inside this burrito- and I wouldn't even notice. I would just swallow you whole- right down to my stomach haha." Sage even compares the tiny to different food products, mocking how hungry he's getting looking at him.


After drinking soda and finishing the food, Sage picks up the tiny and starts blowing on him, burping and threatening to throw him inside his cavernous mouth. He eventually does just that- and the tiny has to endure the torture of being in a jock Uncle's massive maw. "Yeah, you like being DEEP throated haha!" Sage laughs, before swallowing him whole. A very intense scene not to be missed by food stuffing and vore fans alike. NOTE: For the last 1/4 of the video, you will glimpse the cameraman in the mirror reflection. Shadowed so not to distract. 


21 minutes

Sage's Food Stuffing & Vore Torture

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