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Sage's Belly Bloat & Vore Humiliation
Sage is hungry! He sits down in the college cafeteria and says "hey" to his other jock friends. He laughs he brought his own little lunch of his own. It's a mixed chicken salad- and tiny little Oliver! The runt of the school- since he's only half an inch tall. "Wanna play catch with him haha? Go deep!" Sage tosses the tiny to one of his buddies off screen, then catches him right back. The tiny is nothing but a tiny ball to be played with. 
Even before eating the meal, Sage has Oliver wedged between his teeth. Then he takes him out and holds him in his fingers while chowing down on his meal. "See that? This is how a man eats! A real fucking man. Let me get another scoop. See that? That's bigger then you." The jock continues to not only devour his food, but makes obnoxious slurping noises too. As he eats, he finds something caught in his teeth. Oliver somehow manages to get stuffed in the Giant's mouth as he eats. "How was it in there? Haha. Bet it wasn't as bad as my stomach." 
Sage points out that Oliver "likes being in my mouth! Watch this guys." In goes Oliver again, as Sage takes another spoonful of food and shoves it in. He quickly snatches the runt back out. Burping suddenly, as the food is causing him indigestion. Thrown back in the food, Sage douses Oliver with hot salsa- and it covers his whole body. 
Sage then removes his shirt and starts pressing the tiny against his belly. He belches repeatedly, mocking how Oliver is now stuck on his bloated gut. He then picks him up and puts him back inside. Swallowing Oliver down as he BURRRPPPS again. He bloats his belly out mocking the tiny trapped in his stomach. "Oh man. You're kicking down there huh? Oh BURRPP I ate too much." He pats his belly, squeezing the muscular chamber. Poor Oliver. Trapped in a Giant jock's belly forever. 


17 minutes

Sage's Belly Bloat & Vore Humiliation

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