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Ryan Shrinks Best Friend

15 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Doll Size, Barefoot Stomping, Barefoot Play, Armpit Play, Butt Crushing, Verbal


Ryan has shrunk his best friend, and he thinks it’s hilarious. He walks around in his stinky barefeet and places them right on the loser.


“Smell your best friend’s stinky ass feet, loser.” The friend is about the size of a Ken Doll and has to suffer through Ryan’s foot stink, plus armpits and muscles. “Bro I’ve always been stronger then you.


“You’re small, and I’m a fucking GIANT. These Giant ass arms. You little puny loser.”


A scene that is perfect for macro lovers, especially those that don’t need the mouth play or more scenes. Ryan also is such a natural jock here. 

Ryan Shrinks Best Friend

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