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Ryan's Cure

22 minutes

THEMES: POV, Medical Examination, Life Size, Mouth Exercises, Heavy Breathing, Belly Play, Armpit Examination, Eating


Ryan has a really bad headache! But with the help of a specialized Doctor, the jock starts to feel better. He has to follow orders and that includes showing off his whole body up close and personal, with heavy emphasis on the mouth and tongue, and breathing. 


The doctor also asks to examine Ryan's sweaty armpits, his belly (with belly rolls and deep breathing) and even his eyes. This is a very direct clip, with no edits and no cameraman direction. It's Ryan with his best mouth showcase to date. At the end Ryan eats popcorn and then follows it with a red gummy bear, and by the end of the video his headache is cured!

Ryan's Cure

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