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Roommate Sundae

15 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, POV, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Hiccups, VERBAL, Ice Cream



For those that love intense mouth focus action!


Jason has made himself a delicious Sunday and is ready to add his favorite topping: Transformed Men.


Taking his spoon, the massive beast starts to dig into his Sunday while taunting those trapped in the cold food. He starts by showing off those perfect teeth by gnashing them together. The collision of his boulder-like teeth echoing for the camera. Massive thuds can be heard as they slam together. Digging into the ice cream he starts to devour the transformed men. His teeth tearing through the gummi men and sending them down to his stomach




Almost immediately he has to let one loose. The camera fogging up a bit as the hot intestinal gasses blast against it. 


“Ooo trying to escape?” Jason says excitedly before slurping down another man. 


More and more meet their demise within his maw. Their gummi bodies stretched between the white boulders and more. 


“Ooooh looks like you are getting stuck in my teeth” He says as he starts to pick out the remains of some of the gummies.


“You know I should put up a warning not to room with me, cause I don’t give a shit about anyone” Jason taunts as he tears into another transformed man. 




He just laughs at their screams as he keeps chewing and ripping them to shreds. The sounds of chewing, biting, and more can be heard in grotesque detail. Suddenly he feels something in his stomach. 


“Hey stop fighting down there you are going to..”




Jason lets off his biggest belch yet. 


“Man, you really want to get out. Too bad!” He laughs before digging back into his food. 


Slowly more and more of his meal is sent to his gastric chamber. The little guys all slowly melting away in the jock’s stomach. 



Jason has a hiccup fit from eating all the ice cream. He does his best to calm himself but they keep coming over and over. Reaching out he starts to chug down some of his drink and finally stops all the problems. 


“Ooof” he says patting his stomach 


With only one spoonful left. Jason gleefully scoops up that last bite and swallows it down. His roommate and all his friends left to digest and turn into jock nutrients.


Adapted by MaxTiny.


Roommate Sundae

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