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Robert Swallows Tiny Brother

Robert the careless, cruel jock picks up his helpless 1/2 inch brother and mocks how easy it is told hold him up to his massive mouth. He threatens to easily drop the little guy into his moist, wet cave and before the tiny can stop him- he's tossed inside the big pink mouth. Landing on Robert's massive pink tongue, he's drenched in saliva and humiliation as he's tossed around for a quite a bit on the thick muscle. Robert calls his brother the bitch of the family, saying it's his fault for being so tiny. He sarcastically promises not to throw him back towards his throat again, but oh well- down goes the little guy anyways into the gullet. Back and forth. He blows his breath on him, hiccups with the guy trapped inside the mouth, and soon swallows him whole. No more little brother. HOT clip!


14 minutes

Robert Swallows Tiny Brother

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