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Robert Belches & Licks Tiny Brother's Car

Robert the cruel jock brother discovers his puny brother has a puny car too. After he mocks how small it is, he also starts belching on it repeatedly. Inching it closer and closer to his cavernous mouth. In the ultimate dark fantasy, Robert begins licking on the car with his huge, pink tongue- covering it in saliva. He sarcastically apologizes for doing such torturous things to such a pathetic little vehicle. Eventually, though, the car finds itself being popped in and out of Robert's big mouth- even going all the way to the back of the throat. As Robert keeps mocking, you could find yourself hard as a rock- and unable to control your urges to jack your cock to some of the newest and weirdest material the site has ever explored. Soon Robert is bored, and spits the humiliated car back out. 


9 minutes

Robert Belches & Licks Tiny Brother's Car

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