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RicoZilla: White Sock Invasion!

11 minutes, 30 seconds


THEMES: Verbal Jock, Blue Jeans, White Socks, Foot Stomping, Muscle Play, Commission 


“What the - who are you guys??” Rico comes into his living room room in sandals and white socks, and discovers a pathetic group of tiny villagers. But the Giant has fun with it. 


“I’m Gonna STOMP You to the ground! OH Are you stuck to my shoe?? NO Legs for you LOL!!!” Rico, one of the most verbal doms, is incredible. In a span of 11 minutes, he destroys a whole village while taunting the entire time. 

He also shows off his power by squeezing the tinies between his thick biceps. 


“Lick my white socks, loser.” 


“SQUISH SQUASH!!! Look at you, U ALL LOST!!” The Giant says repeatedly. Tinies stick to his dirty white socks. Rico gets on the floor and really gets into it! 


RicoZilla: White Sock Invasion!

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