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Rico vs Gummy Village

16 minutes 30 sec.


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, Mouthplay, Vore, Feet Crushing, Belly Bloat, Spitting, Verbal, Burping, Tongue 


FILE DESCRIPTION: Witness Rico destroy a gummy village and get up close and personal with a solo little green gummy in the same video! The jock discovers the first batch on his glass table. From a POV perspective, he starts using his massive mouth to eat them one by one- just using his face. Under the table, the camera pans towards his big juicy lips. "You're looking a little dry there buddy", the Giant smirks- and then starts licking one over and over again- his fat, purpley pink tongue slobbering all over it and the table, before it disappears into his mouth. Sometimes he toys with one by spitting it back out on the table, only to consume it back down his throat again. 


After toying and eating the ones on the table, the Giant now drops more on the floor by  his barefeet in the hallway. "Me being a Giant, I have to teach these gummies a lesson". Rico then proceeds to stomp them, throw them down on the floor, lick them off his feet, vape on them, spit on them, and even ball them all up in one pile- stuff them in his mouth, and swallow them down. In the stomping scenes, he's particularly cruel about crunching them between his toes, and getting them roughed up under his massive soles and he keeps clamping down. 


The second part (a custom video merged in) has Rico the Giant toying with one single green gummy. "You're the runt of the bag", Rico taunts him. "What the fuck are you?" He spits on him. "Clean that mess you just SPIT!! Made!" He abuses him worse, burping on him repeatedly. He licks on him, puts him in and out of his maw, and eventually swallows him whole. Very gritty and verbal clip. It ends with Rico bloating his belly out and burping with the gummy trapped inside his stomach.

Rico vs Gummy Village

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