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Rico Shrinks his Teacher in Flip Flops

8 minutes


THEMES: Shrinking, Transformation, Barefeet, Flip Flops, Spitting, Verbal Domination


Custom Video! "What's up! My name is Rico. I'm the class badass. You fuck with me, and I'm gonna get payback! I don't play to get even. I play to win." Rico sits back wearing flip flops on the desk. His teacher has already been shrunk, because he has complained Rico's feet stink in class. So the jock has shrunk him into a grain of rice. "Not such a big man now. Thumbnail sized bitch. Since you don't like my feet, why don't you marry them? My big stink feet!" He takes a flip flop off and puts the tiny on it, then scotch tapes him right on the sweaty sandal. 


Rico then towers over him and puts his bare feet back into the flips, squishing the poor teacher that's taped on the shoes. The brown, sweaty sandals are going for a ride as Rico walks back and forth. "How does that feel buddy, you like that?" He then spits a giant loogie right on the teacher- on his sandal. Then presses his big toe onto the sandal, the tiny speck smothered in all of it. "Smells different from 5 rows back, eh?" The Giant continues to toy with the teacher, verbally degrading him and keeping him plastered under the flips. He spits on him again, getting very close to the camera and making it very intense for the audience as he stomps harder and harder. "I won't hurt you Mr- STOMP- Fucking- STOMP- Pippin!" 


Rico then scotch tapes the tiny on his big toe, to clean them. Rico even whistles as he humiliates him. "Fe Fi Fo Fum, I'm gonna make you into bread."


NOTE: There are two (2) hot intros of Rico talking to you about who he is, and why he's the class badass. It shows more shows of his feet!

Rico Shrinks his Teacher in Flip Flops

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