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Rico's Food Stuffing & Belly Bloat

11 minutes


THEMES: Male Solo, Food Stuffing, Verbal, Burping, Belly Bloat


"Fuck bro, I'm hungry as hell right now!" Rico stuffs his face with chocolate donuts, eating them even hands free at one point- bloating his stomach out, burping, and being a total pig about it! 


"I wonder how many I can fit in my mouth", the piggish jock says with his mouth already full. He starts popping each small donut into his mouth saying "one, two, three..." until his whole throat and maw is full of the food. He's managed five of them, and washes them down his gullet with soda. "BURRRPPPP!!!" He lets a huge belch out.  Then he talks about where the donuts are going, how they're digesting in his stomach. He smacks his stomach. His mouth is still full of new donuts, so you can't even tell what he's saying sometimes - but it's so mannish, it doesn't matter. He pours some soda into his belly button, then drinks it from his hands, burping again. He does belly rolls with his stomach. He's smirking the entire time. The video's last four minutes really focus on Rico's belly bloating from POV underneath, with the camera looking up at him. As he hiccups and talks about how stuffed he is.  Plenty of verbal humiliation and angles of the hot jock's face, stomach and mouth. 

Rico's Food Stuffing & Belly Bloat

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