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Rico: "Dude, I Shrunk My Roommate!"

21 minutes



THEMES: Mouthplay, Burping, Spitting, Verbal Humiliation, Vore, Belly Bloating


"Dude, I'm just gonna get some cereal. Fucking starving. What the fuck? Oliver?" Oliver, the inch tall roommate, is discovered on top of a plastic water bottle. Rico blows him off on the table, pounding his fists. This is going to be a bumpy ride. Rico spits on the tiny in his hand. "How does that feel, huh?"


"You know nobody likes you right?" Rico mocks him. He drops Oliver into the empty cereal bowl. Then he decides the loser should spend time in his mouth BEFORE even eating. He tosses him in, revealing a thick reddish-pink tongue, thick lips and big white teeth. The guy is a total God. Then Rico pours a ton of cereal into the bowl as Oliver watches. "I promise I'm not gonna eat you", Rico mocks. Oliver falls in anyways, and the Giant simply spits on him. Next comes the milk. "Oh swim away one leg Joe- Fe Fi Fo fum! HAHA- here's the milk, here it comes."


Rico thinks he's lost the tiny, but finds him floating in the bowl. The jock is such a pig, he even begins eating the cereal with his hands. "Oliver, oh no buddy I might eat you up!" More milk slobbers from his mouth. Talking with his mouth full, Rico decides to continue the torture. He puts Oliver on the spoon and slurps the milk around him before slurping him up into his mouth. He then takes him out and takes a big lick with his massive tongue, still covered in cereal and saliva. Then tosses him in the mouth, mocking how a leg is easily coming off. "Down my throat into my belly? Not yet haha" He taunts, sticking his big tongue out again towards poor Ollie, and putting him in and out of his maw. "Yeah I know you like that, bitch boy" Rico taunts. Oliver is then dropped back into the sea of cereal. "Let's lose you again, just scare you for a bit." The jock is nonchalant with his verbal dominance, a true alpha male with no care at all what happens to his inch tall roommate. 


Rico then starts burping on Oliver. He cracks open some soda, and the humiliation continues. "Breathe it in BURRRRPP!!" Rico taunts, spitting on him again. Then he pours the soda INTO the cereal, shoves the tiny back in his mouth in the spoon- and then spits him right back into the bowl. Then back into the mouth. "Front row seat haha", Rico mocks Oliver- before chugging soda and swishing him around in his mouth.  He even leans all the way back, opens up and shows that there's dark soda and a tiny loser floating in his mouth- like a guppy caught in a whale. His thick tongue is still showing. "A dollar a day can help keep the big GIANT away", Rico taunts Oliver, holding him back in his hand. Then he tosses him back in his mouth. "Just kidding. Nothing can save this little bitch." Rico proceeds to give the tiny a final tongue bath. Then he tosses his mouth back and forth, and it's clear there's a struggle inside as the tiny is trying to be saved. "HELP ME!" Rico mocks, acting like Oliver. Then he swallows him all the way down his throat- into his greedy stomach. "Oliver can you HEAR Me?" The jock asks sarcastically, talking down to his belly- which is now exposed. 


With Oliver trapped in his stomach, Rico jumps up and down in exercise mode. "All that carbonation- BURPPP!!!" Suddenly Rico looks confused. Oliver has been regurgitated out of his mouth. "What the fuck? No you don't!" The Giant says, and tosses him back down his throat. "Oh man, I'm still fucking hungry. I'll just eat more cereal." To humor himself, the frat boy tries to see how many cereal pieces he can fit into his mouth. "I gotta big mouth, so it shouldn't be a problem haha." Meanwhile poor Oliver is trapped down in the Giant's stomach. Rico gurgles the milk in the bowl by simply bending his head into the liquid. His piggishness is made more obvious when he pours the entire bowl of milk over his head. He doesn't give a fuck. "I bet Oliver wishes he could see it- ain't that right bitch boy haha", as he smacks his stomach- milk all over his chest. 


This is BY FAR the most VERBAL and NASTY cereal vore video JFP has done to date. So if you like intense closeups of a mouth, burping, tongue, saliva, milk, mush and more grimy verbal taunting than ever before, this is the video for your collection! Rico nails it. 


Rico: "Dude, I Shrunk My Roommate!"

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