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RaulZilla: Shrinking the Boss

Custom Video! Once upon a time there was a boss of a construction company. He decided to fire a jock named Raul. BIG Mistake. The cruel Raul asks the boss why he would fire him, before shrinking him and kicking up his massive work boots on the table. He laughs and begins stomping around the office, destroying boxes and other things in his way. He eventually makes his way to the wimp and stomps on him over and over, in boots, white socks and his smelly barefeet. He even picks him up in his hands and smacks him back and forth - merciless and cruel. 


Raul the jock becomes RaulZilla- no longer an employee at a construction company, but a Giant of mass destruction. NOTE: This video contains both HD slow-motion and normal effects, to set the ambience of a Giant destroying his environment. 



12 minutes

RaulZilla: Shrinking the Boss

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