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Raul the Unaware Giant

Raul the Giant awakes from his slumber, wearing only tight briefs. He lazily gets out of bed, with the POV being his massive feet hitting the carpet. Soon thundering footsteps are heard and his tiny roommate is seen laying helplessly on the floor. Raul emerges into the living room, his barefeet thudding on the floor and making massive noises. Raul's sandals surround the tiny man. The Giant slips the sandals on, and continues to stomp. He doesn't quite stomp the little, but comes close.


Then Raul kicks off his sandals, and begins actually accidentally stepping on the loser, looking clueless like he doesn't realize what's happening below his huge soles. HOT clip with NO dialogue. Special sound effects and HD Slow mo for Giant enhancement. 


11 minutes

Raul the Unaware Giant

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