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Raul Shrinks Neighbor: Feet, Butt Crush, Vore

In his epic premiere, Raul plays an angry jock annoyed by his neighbor's loud TV. He knocks on the door, and literally storms in. "What the fuck, your TV??" The neighbor is hesitant and apologizes, but Raul makes himself at home immediately. "You like my feet. I always see you stare at them haha." The neighbor denies his fetish, but Raul quickly takes off one of his sneakers and slams his massive barefoot on the table. Sweaty, dirty- obviously the jock doesn't wear socks. "You're little guy." Raul teases. "I'm 5'5, that's not short." Pleas the neighbor. "Ha, I am over 6 feet! I am Giant! Gigante haha." 


The neighbor apologizes again, but Raul then says something to create pause. "I know how to shrink things." He shows the neighbor a jeep. A tiny jeep that the neighbor owns. Or used to. Raul laughs mockingly, and stomps on it barefoot. Repeatedly. "NOOO! Stop! Don't!" "Shut up! HAHAHA!" Raul's big toes easily cause the vehicle to break. But not all the way. Raul shrinks the neighbor next, and throws him in his own car seat. He then smothers him and the jeep with his feet, laughing, talking in Spanish and English. He ruthlessly throws the tiny into his smelly shoe, puts it back on- and then proceeds to stomp the ever living hell out of the jeep- this time smashing it to pieces.


It's not over yet. Raul now has the power, and takes the shrunken neighbor over to the coffee table. "I am Raul! I am the Giant! Smell my feet!" He slams his feet on the tiny, sits on him, and even slams his hands on him. Finally, he begins mouth playing with the loser- eventually turning him into bubble gum. Chewing wide so you see how big his tongue and throat are. He moves his tongue and the tiny in his mouth in between his cheeks a few times, before finally swallowing him whole. Inside his stomach, Raul drinks a soda- belches, and looks at the broken car. "Haha look at you now. In my belly. And your stupid jeep haha." 


An intense roller-coaster of a ride for any macro fan has themes for all lovers of this dark humiliation. Includes slow-motion sequences of stomping, so you get the feel of being underneath a powerful Giant. Raul Rules. 


28 minutes

Raul Shrinks Neighbor: Feet, Butt Crush, Vore

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