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Raphael the Giant Stomps Roommate

Raphael is a cruel, careless jock who bullies his 1/2 inch tall roommate for just being tiny. "It's like a fucking daily activity for me and the rest of the roommates- just to stomp on your tiny ass, torture you." The Latino God towers over the pathetic loser and laughs that even bugs are bigger then he is. "I'm the Giant, you're the ant." After kicking off his shoes, Raphael forces the minion to smell his smelly, sweaty socks. Smothering him and taunting how insignificant he is. It's all a game to this frat boy, who has no remorse for his actions. Once the socks come off, he stomps on the roommate repeatedly with his smelly barefeet, to the point that the little is stuck underneath. Visible sock lint is shown, and Raphael talks about how his feet always stink, no matter what. "Time to go into the shoe", laughs the Titan. The little is thrown into Raphael's smelly shoe, and then stuck as the Giant puts his foot back inside. After making fun of what it must smell like in there, he takes the shoe back off and throws the loser onto the glass coffee table- where his barefoot smothers him again, and you get a POV look from the tiny's perspective of how massive and cruel this new jock is.


17 minutes

Raphael the Giant Stomps Roommate

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