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Raphael Swallows Tiny Roommate

Raphael the cruel Giant roommate toys with his 1/2 inch tall roommate. Comparing him to Stuart Little and Tom Thumb, The Latino God chuckles casually and contemplates what to do with the loser. "It literally is like Jack and the Beanstalk dude. Im the Giant, and you're fucking worthless peasant." The tension builds as the Giant looks at his prey, observing his nice outfit, but claiming "That's pretty much all you have going for you. You're too small to be relevant." He finally starts inching him closer to his massive mouth. "You're so tiny, my tongue is like a landscape. It would take you forever to walk across it." Soon the little is put into the maw, as Raphael's big pink tongue tosses him around, and you get to see inside the cave and how mannish the cavern is. The jock even gets raunchy and spits the tiny dude out onto his palm. "I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry haha. Back in you go!" The roommate is constantly toyed with, to the point of being belched on and belittled. Finally he's swallowed down all the way into Raphael's stomach. Getting a case of mild hiccups, the God just shrugs it off. "Sucks to be you"


21 minutes

Raphael Swallows Tiny Roommate

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