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Patrick the Giant Stomps Tiny Loser

Patrick is a careless, masculine God who discovers a one inch loser in his living room. The easiest way to toy with him? Stomping on him with his smelly gym shoes and finally his even ranker barefeet. There's a mischievous grin that's always on this jock's face, and his laugh is so guttural it shakes the ground the tiny is stuck on. Patrick finds everything funny about the loser's fascination with his stinky size 12s. He even places him inbetween his toes, and notices the little's cock is getting hard. Patrick keeps comparing himself to a mighty Giant, and how the little is just like a helpless mouse. With nowhere to run or hide. The fate of the loser eventually is to be tossed inside Patrick's rank gym shoe- with the jock walking with him stuck inside in insole. "That's what you get for being small", laughs the cocky jock. A clip NOT to be missed with some of the most intense verbal humiliation ever put on the site. 


16 mins

Patrick the Giant Stomps Tiny Loser

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