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Patrick Stomps Tiny Village & Car

Patrick the cruel, playful Giant stumbles upon a tiny city with buildings along with littles. He finds this very amusing, as his massive barefeet easily cause the skyscrapers to tumble over. "Oops!" He laughs, and picks the buildings back up- promising not to step on them again. But his stinky soles again stomp down on them. He doesn't care. They're no match for this mean Giant, who not only kicks the buildings around but also blows his breath on them, huffing and puffing. After stomping on the little people, he discovers a tiny car. Puny and small compared to his big toe alone, Patrick crushes the vehicle until is breaks in half- wheels and all. He then throws some little people on glass and you get a POV of his rank, yellow feet smothering them. Intense, to the point video with hot verbal domination, feet stomping and car crushing. Not to be missed!


17 mins

Patrick Stomps Tiny Village & Car

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