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Party in Rico's Mouth

17 mins


THEMES: Giants, POV, Vore, Mouth Play, Burping, Interview

For those that want to see a hot jock suck on, tease, and play with a tiny using their mouth; this is the video for you!


Rico is hungover and barely awake when he sees a tiny man near him. He picks up the lil’ guy and starts inspecting him. 


“Man, can’t believe you are still here you got eaten by so many people last night” He says as he inspects the brave tiny. 


The little guy admits that he likes to be eaten. While scary, he enjoys it! 


“He man, I don’t bash kinks so if you like that well…”


Rico shifts the man towards his mouth. Teasing him and taunting him with that massive open maw. His hot, morning breath just washes over the squirming little as he hovers the man over his tongue. 


“Yeah you like that don’t you” Rico says as he drops the man into his mouth


His wide open maw is in full display as he deftly uses his tongue to toss the man around. The tiny guy gets pressed into his cheeks, under his tongue, on the roof of his mouth, and much much more. All done in high resolution. 


“You are such a pathetic loser” Rico says as he spits the man out onto a spoon


Using his massive tongue, Rico starts to caress and explore the man’s body. The long, wet appendage wrapping around the body like a snake. The little man is embraced by the tongue and not a single part of him isn’t covered in drool. 




Rico lets off a massive belch, the intense explosion blows the hair back of the small man. Yet it doesn’t stop, Rico lets off burp after burp. The little guy having to endure all the hot acidic gasses of the massive jock. 


“Yeah you like that you little bitch” Rico says before tossing the man back into his awaiting maw. 


“Mmmm you taste soooo good” He moans out as he starts to chew and disember the man.


His boulder-like teeth smash into each other and tear apart the tiny caught between. Even at one point, his tiny head flies right off. 


“Ooops, I bit your head off… Oh well” Rico says as he continues to devour the man. 


A rumble in his stomach is heard and Rico proceeds to have massive belches once more. A bunch of small explosions intermixed with some real nasty large burps. The camera quakes as he unleashes all those digestive gasses. With his stomach empty once more. Rico tosses the remains of the little man back into his mouth…




The tiny dude slides down his esophagus and into his hungry stomach. Just another bug to be turned into jock fat. 



Adapted by MaxTiny.

Party in Rico's Mouth

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