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Party in Austyn’s Mouth

12 minutes


THEMES: POV, Verbal Jock, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Vore, Belly Bloating, Burping, Q & A (brief)


After a night of partying, Austyn discovers Silas shrunken down in his apartment. Shirtless, with his massive pecs and hard stomach, the jock is ready for more fun.


“BURRAPPP!” Austyn burps on the tiny. “Yeah you smell my after party breath huh?” The jock begins sucking and licking on the tiny’s body, breathing on him. 


“This party trick I wanna show you- I can BURRPPP on you!” He starts burping on him, tilting his head back and tossing him in and out of his throat. “I’m still spinning from that party bro. MMM you taste so good Silas.” Licking him over and over again. 


“MMM You’re my favorite Silas”, the jock burps more- smothering the loser with all his mannish saliva. 


“I think it’s time I swallow you now”, Austyn says- as he does just that. He keeps burping, rubbing his bloated muscular stomach out. “I’m so full Silas. You’re the BURRPPP!! Perfect snack.”


A small q & a follows this very hot scene!


Note: small parts of the clip are muted to avoid camera man direction.

Party in Austyn’s Mouth

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