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Pablo the Giant Genie
Once upon a time, there lived a man who's heart was pure evil and intentions never good. Hatred was what fueled him. Banished from his village for his sadistic ways with others, he set out to see revenge on those who wronged him. But along the way he came across an old beggar man. Who saw through his black heart and cast a powerful spell on him. He was transformed into a bottle, stuck being a loyal servant until someone discovered him. But just because he was now a Genie, didn't make him a good Genie- did it?

Pablo the Genie is brought back to life 400 years later. And his evil laugh returns. Granting only one wish to the loser who found him, the cocky jock smiles cruelly as the man wishes to be tall. "Wait what the fuck? You said you wish to be SMALL?" With the snap of his fingers, Pablo shrinks the man down to an inch tall, and tortures him endlessly. 

It begins with discovering his tiny body in his clothes. Then Pablo slides his sweaty sandals off and begins stomping the man with his big stinky feet. "These fuckers have been in a bottle for hundreds of years. Smell my stinky ass feet haha." Trapped under the merciless Genie, the tiny tries to escape but just ends up on Pablo's muscular biceps. "You're so small you fit right here- you little bitch!" After muscle play, the cruel Giant drops the tiny into his blue tight boxer pants. "Enjoy it in there haahaha". Then later, he transforms him into a Gummy Bear- where he soon finds himself being thrown down Pablo's big mouth and throat, into his stomach. But not before Pablo eats more transformed Gummies in front of him. "All of these used to be my slaves too. I can fit them ALL in this big ass mouth haha." A haunting, lustful adventure into the world of Giant Genies who don't grant wishes. They just crush them. 


16 minutes

Pablo the Giant Genie

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