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Pablo's Unaware Foot Crush

"I don't know where the fuck my tiny ass roommate is", Pablo the Giant confesses on the phone to a fellow personal trainer. He sits on his chair, shirtless- exposing his massive pecks. He acts clueless and he taunts how small this loser is, and as the camera pans down you notice the tiny speck underPablo's massive, stinky feet. Being rubbed on, squashed and suffocated. Pablo even mentions how smelly his feet can get, laughing about it. Comparing himself to a Giant, how his tiny roommate asked for Personal Trainer advice- and didn't know how to do any of the routines. "I just use his ass for the money haha", Pablo says. At the end of the phone call, he finally notices the speck under his foot and laughs uncontrollably- mocking him some more with his feet. 


9 minutes

Pablo's Unaware Foot Crush

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