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Pablo's Foot & Butt Crushing
Custom Video!! Pablo returns to the gym to mess with his scrawny little slave. "What's up Dave, come're- see how fuckin sweaty I am, how fucking smell I am?" Pablo proceeds to takes his smelly gym shoes off and shove them in the slave's face, really taunting how stinky they are and how pathetic the little guy is. "You like that you little fuck, huh Dave? Been doing squats all fucking day. In the gym all day- smell that haha, yeah get your nose in my socks." After the socks, he peels them off to reveal his sweaty barefeet. He sits on the bed and forces them in Dave's face- making him smell his smelly Latino soles- all stinky, all man. 

"Yeah bitch smell my smelly ass armpits- get your nose in there." He proceeds to shove them in the small guy's face, and you get an intimate POV view of everything the little goes through. From the armpits to the butt crushing. Pablo is VERY gassy, and starts farting repeatedly in front of the little dude- letting out juicy, raunchy gas before butt crushing and showing off his perfectly shaped ass. A HOT, INTENSE, UP CLOSE & PERSONAL video that's right to the point! 


11 minutes

Pablo's Foot & Butt Crushing

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