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Pablo's Food Stuffing, Burping & Vore
Pablo the hungry personal trainer sits in front of his puny trainee and starts eating massive amounts of food in front of him. Burritos, tacos, cookies, soda. There's no limit to what this muscular beast can stuff down to his stomach, and as he eats, he mocks the tiny. "Should I eat ANOTHER taco in front of you? Hahaha." Once he's done stuffing a lot of food, he picks up the tiny and starts burping directly on him. "Oops! Sorry! BURRRPPPP Oops there it is again." He easily can toss the half inch loser into his cavernous mouth, and soon he begins playfully doing just that. "You fit all the way on my big ass pink tongue", says Pablotauntingly. He gets a hiccup attack, being sarcastic between each HICCUP! With the tiny still wedged inside his mouth. "Yeah you like that huh? You like to be embarrassed!"

After mouth torture, it's still not over. Pablo grabs a container of honey and squeezes some onto a spoon. He takes the spoon and in POV fashion, begins licking obnoxiously all over it- showing how massive his tongue is. Burping and sucking on the spoon, as if to mock the tiny for being stuck as a small guy forced to watch


22 minutes

Pablo's Food Stuffing, Burping & Vore

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