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Pablo's Big Belly Bloating: Gurgling, Burps, Eating

Pablo is hungry again! He starts eating tacos right in front of you, bragging about how he can eat all this food and still stay muscular and fit. He talks with his mouth full, chugging soda, and burping. He's a beast. He even takes out a stethoscope to listen to his belly gurgling. "Damn, my big ass belly is making a lot of noise! Fuck man. I ate a ton of food." The camera pans close up so you can hear the noises from inside the jock's stomach. He continues to hiccup, drink and act clueless about why his stomach can't seem to stop bloating out more and more. Some armpit play as well. HOT video exploring gurgling noises from a jock that can't stop stuffing his mouth.


13 minutes

Pablo's Big Belly Bloating: Gurgling, Burps, Eating

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