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Pablo Mouth Tortures Tiny Nephew Watching TV: Burping & Hiccups

Pablo kicks back barefoot and shirtless, watching TV about Giants chasing and swallowing tinies. He mocks his own nephew, who is an inch tall and watching them with him. "How's it feel to be small like that? Haha you're so fucking tiny! Look at that Giant! Just like how I would swallow your ass." After a few repeat viewings, Pablo not only mocks what he see's - he gets a bad case of the hiccups. His muscular body jolts every time he "HIC! HICCC!!! Oh man BURPPPP!!!" Belches start coming out too. 


Pablo eventually grabs his worthless nephew and tosses him in and out of his mouth, still burping and watching the TV. "Oops! Sorry little guy, back in you go!" His massive muscular arms easily can throw the runt into his maw. And his hiccups and burps continue throughout the duration of the video. At the end of the video for a quick minute, Pablo stands and keeps hiccuping cluelessly. 


Specialty video- focusing completely on Pablo's personality (all improv) and lots of hiccups and burping. This is not a storyline; more so an exploration into various themes, specifically Pablo's body language. 


NOTE: Various camera angles for added effect. 


22 mins

Pablo Mouth Tortures Tiny Nephew Watching TV: Burping & Hiccups

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