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Pablo & Mark's Tickle Torture
DOUBLE FEATURE! Pablo & Mark get tickle tortured in territory JFH has never explored! Begin with Pablo, a sadistic personal trainer who likes to tickle his trainees until one day he finds the tables have turned. HE'S now the one about to get tickled by his trainee, tied up to the bed and unable to move. The guy laughs at Pablo's demise and situation, and soon is tickling is chest and armpits- causing the jock to roar with uncontrollable laughter. "Haha, we're not done yet! I think I'll tickle...your FEET next!" "NOOO!!! NO PLEASE AHAHAHA NOO!!" Pablo begs. But it is too late. The tickle torture continues. 

Dr Mark is next, apologizing to his patient for shrinking him and putting him through all those awful treatments. In retaliation, the patient also ties Mark's hands up to the bed and begins tickling his black socks and feet- as Mark cant help but laugh and struggle at the same time. 


20 minutes

Pablo & Mark's Tickle Torture

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