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Pablo: Giant Personal Trainer Stomps Trainee
There once lived a man who decided he needed to lose weight. So he hired Pablo, a suave, built and incredibly sexy personal trainer. Unfortunately Pablo's sexiness was overbearing to the young man, and he didn't do any of the exercises correctly, or lose any weight. He became an embarrassment. Fueling Pablo's anger, the Giant Latino decided to teach the loser a lesson. So he brought him back home to his house- and shrunk him.

"FE FI FO FUM MUTHERFUCKE HAHAHA!" As the hard wooden floors shook, the tiny looked up to a Giant sized Pablo laughing down at him. He was now barely an inch tall. And right by the huge gym shoes the trainer had recently used with him. "Look at you down there you little bitch!" Pablo takes his shoes off, smells them, and taunts how stinky they are. He then forces the little guy to smell his socks before throwing him into one of his shoes. If that isn't punishment enough, he puts his shoes BACK on with the little trapped inside and starts doing squats. "We gotta go over some of these exercises you failed to do correctly with me earlier." 

After this, the socks come off and Pablo simply stomps on the guy with his smelly barefeet, before forcing him into his bedroom, kicking his size 11s up- and laughing harder and harder at his trainee's situation. "Are my stinky ass feet too much for you buddy? Hahaha." What will be the next torture for this shrunken prisoner? 


16 minutes

Pablo: Giant Personal Trainer Stomps Trainee

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