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My New Toe Scratcher Feels Great

16 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Barefoot, Shoes, Itching, Athlete's Foot, Consensual, Yoga Instruction, Verbal


SUMMARY: A yoga instructor gets a bad case of athlete's foot during one of his classes, and shrinks the worst student down to take care of the itching. In the second segment, Justin does two (2) brief commercials about dude's with athlete's feet. Done as a commission.


PLOT: "Okay so you're gonna put your arms like this", Justin says stretching. "And we're gonna go into our Eagle pose." As he says this, he constantly scratches his toes with his other foot- as he clearly has athlete's foot. 


"Aw fuck my fuckin athlete's foot- so fucking itchy!" The jock says, as he continues to scratch his sweaty size 13s for relief. He keeps rubbing them, constantly groaning in agony and trying his best to teach and massage his massive feet at the same time. "Fuck they stink so bad too. Urgh!"


"So you're not doing much on your mat for me, but you'll be a GREAT toe scratcher!" And just like that, Justin shrinks the student and uses him to scratch his itchy feet. He begins rubbing the loser between his toes. "At least you're good for something." The jock says cruelly, really ramping up how much he's using him like a toe brush. "Yup this is what you're good for. Scratching my stinky athlete's foot."


The jock then gets on the floor, really making the tiny scratch the entire length of his sweaty, smelly soles. "Yeah scratch and sniff these infected, nasty feet. Fucking loser. AHHHH that feels better. Keep going." He continues this, and then talks about how long he's had athlete's feet. "Had it so long man, it's always been a problem for me." As he keeps using the little guy. 


The second part of the clip involves two (2) commercials with Justin talking about how bad his athlete's foot is and what cream he uses for the cure. Except, in the second commercial- he uses a tiny dude instead! Creative and fun story that showcases Justin's 13s to a tee.

My New Toe Scratcher Feels Great

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