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Miles the Giant Cop

For the first time in JFP history, a police officer is going Giant. A rude man speeding is pulled over by Officer Miles Striker and questioned about where he's going. When he gets out of his fancy car, Miles shrinks it- and stomps it out. "You're evading taxes and the good working men like have to pay your dollars for driving in fancy cars over the speed limit! Now your car is under my shoes haha." Infuriated, the citizen tries to plea for Miles to stop- but soon finds himself shrunken as well.


In a continued POV, we view from a cage that Miles has thrown the now inch tall man into his prison- and must be forced to worship the Giant's huge size 13s. All while the cop goes over the rules of following orders. After the tiny explores the feet, Miles swallows him down. HOT verbal clip, feet mostly. 


22 minutes

Miles the Giant Cop

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