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Miles in Boots: Stomping Tiny Cousin

CUSTOM VIDEO! After putting a restraining order on his vicious cousin, a tiny finds himself at the mercy of Miles Striker - only he's been shrunk to an inch tall. For revenge, Miles orders his cousin be shipped in a cigar box directly to his home. Upon opening the box, a now Giant Miles laughs down at his pitiful family member and throws him into one of his leather boots. "I think I'll just let you get comfortable IN my fucking boots, maggot haha!" Miles then laces the boots back up with his tiny cousin trapped inside, and proceeds to stomp back and forth, chanting "left right left!" He then falls asleep with the tiny still trapped snugly, before waking up and taking his boots back off.


But the torture isn't over. Now Miles, in white socks, throws the tiny inside his socks and laughs as he feels him squirming from underneath the fabric. He finally takes the socks off and puts him inbetween his toes- before falling asleep again. A Hot video for anyone into boot domination!


14 minutes

Miles in Boots: Stomping Tiny Cousin

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