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Maxwell the Giant Stomps Tiny Nephew

Maxwell is a cruel uncle to a helpless, 1/2 inch tall nephew. Upon returning from his morning jog, all sweaty and grimy, he discovers the runt on the rug. "Remember when Uncle said you were a pussy? Yeah, you a pussy haha" laughs the cruel Titan above him. Comparing how small he is to his huge shoes, they eventually come off to reveal a pair of massive, smelly barefeet- easily toying with the loser over and over again. "Welcome to the world of a Giant haha" Maxwell mocks him.  "Don't you like it when I come home and just step all over you, remind you that you just a little bitch?" He constantly belittles his nephew until he now is on his own King sized bed, with the little trapped in-between his toes. He begins a game of cat and mouse, tossing the minion from foot to foot. "Oops! Is somebody getting turned on by smelling my smelly ass feet haha" Maxwell laughs. "Fe Fi Fo Fum!" He loves being the Giant, and the game ends with poor little nephew being dropped into the Giant's gym shoe. 


15 minutes

Maxwell the Giant Stomps Tiny Nephew

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