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Maxwell the Giant Stomps City

Maxwell the cruel, sarcastic titan discovers a tiny village below his massive barefeet. Chuckling that he's like Godzilla, his huge feet knock down the buildings. "Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that haha. I'm a nice Giant. Let me help you put it back together." But after assembling the structure back to normal, his Godszilla like feet just pound the ground again, easily tumbling the town back down. Laughing, he continues to play with the city beneath his feet until he gets bored and wonders over to the townspeople. Like little ants, they easily fit under his huge Giant soles. Many stick to the sweat from them, some just fall from them all the way back to the ground. Maxwell continues to laugh and mock as he stomps over and over. He ends his rampage by destroying two helpless little cars- both at his barefeet and in his gym shoes.


14 minutes

Maxwell the Giant Stomps City

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