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Maxwell Shrinks & Swallows CoWorkers

14 mins 30 sec.


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Gummy Bears, Vore, Mouth Play, Hiccups, Armpit Play, Navel & Belly Play


Maxwell has shrunk all his coworkers into gummy bears, as punishment for not doing this share of the job. He toys with each one individually, laughing evilly as he makes one sniff his pit. "I'll even use you in my ear hahaha! Don't call HR On me now LOL!!!" 


As the gummies are reduced, the hungry Giant starts popping them into his huge wet mouth, engulfed in the flavor. "MMMM so tasty! I should've shrunk you all sooner." He gets some hiccups as well, and is verbal the entire time. Light cameraman direction.

Maxwell Shrinks & Swallows CoWorkers

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