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Maxwell Eats & Burps- Part 2

17 mins


THEMES: POV, Verbal, Taunting, Food Stuffing, Hiccups, Burping, Humiliation, Intense Mouth Closeups, Sarcasm


Maxwell has taken his shirt off now, revealing his chocolate dark skin. "MMM MM MMM!! Love this fuckin seafood lunch!" He tosses more of the fried food into his mouth, munching on it. "BUURRRRP! Damn excuse me haha!    "


His burping and hiccups continue as he laughs uncontrollably at how stupid you are. You're so weak for him to berate you and talk about how nobody likes you. His hiccups just act as a reminder of your complete worthless existence. 


Repetitive "OOPS" and repetitive hiccups. Maxwell's expressions as he humiliates you POV style are extreme to the fullest. 

Maxwell Eats & Burps- Part 2

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