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Maxwell Eats & Burps- Part 1

20 mins


THEMES: POV, Verbal, Taunting, Food Stuffing, Hiccups, Burping, Humiliation, Intense Mouth Closeups, Sarcasm


In a VERY extreme food stuffing experience, Maxwell eats his seafood lunch right in front of you. You're a loser to him. He loves making fun of you. And knows you like it when he stuffs food in his sensual mouth, just to toy with you.


Maxwell suddenly gets a hiccup attack. His whole body JOLTS as he starts getting uncontrollable spasms of hiccups and burps. "OH man, my fault- HICCCCCCUPPP!!! Oops. BUURPP- HUUP!!!" He can't seem to control his manners. "I'll HIC-hiccup when I damn well please, loser." 


The humiliation is extreme. Maxwell's hiccups are so huge, his body bounces. "Oops, down goes fishy again- HICCC!!" Lots of sarcasm repeated.


The handsome dark stud soon gets more cruel with his verbal, and continues to toy with you. He knows you like it when he burps and talks with his mouth full. Maxwell MAXES the grub, as the burps intensify and he laughs more and more at how pathetic you are for watching him eat. 


"I'll always be your Master. Just remember that." Maxwell smirks. One of the best food stuffing clips ever. The hiccups and burps are back to back, the verbal is smooth, and the sarcasm electrified. 


Part One of Two in a hot series.


Light cameraman direction. Some of the transitions are quick, as Maxwell changed positions often or new dialogue was added.

Maxwell Eats & Burps- Part 1

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