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Max vs Helpless Gummies

11 minutes


THEMES: Giants, POV, MouthPlay, Vore, Lips, Chewing, Throat Views, Zoom Effect, Verbal Humiliation


Max sits in front of you and picks up tiny, helpless red gummy bears and gobbles them up one at a time. He leans in CLOSE so you see the inside of his huge, massive mouth. His pink tongue rolls the tinies around his cavern. "MMM so fucking tasty!" the giant says.


Lot's of close ups of the jock's mouth, leaning in and giving you an immersive experience. This is Max's first gummy vore clip, and we must admit it's a great start! If you're a vore fan and like seeing the mouth from the inside, up close and personal, this clip is for you!

Max vs Helpless Gummies

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