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Max the Obedient Jock

20 minutes


THEMES: POV, Verbal Jock, Power Games, Trance, Following Orders, Muscle, Mouth Play, Armpits, Food Eating, Exercises, Heavy Breathing, Foot Explore, Magic Potion


Max is your stupid jock roommate. He's so hot yet so dumb at the same time. Yet you can't help but blush. Every time he's in the room, you feel an attraction to his power. He's so much more built then you. So much better looking. 


One day, Max comes in and tells you that he doesn't feel like going to get a physical, and instead insists YOU film him working out and doing physical fitness. At first you don't want to do it. But Max knows you've had a crush on him forever. 


"I've known this bro. No point in hiding anymore." Max says. Then he picks up a gummy bear.


"But how about this? If I eat this gummy bear, it will make me follow any command given to me. Under YOUR CONTROL. As far as I'm concerned, it's a Win Win."


You are so excited to know you can control your hot roommate! A fantasy come true! Max says it will take some time to work, but he must sleep first. But tells you to wake him up once the gummy starts to work.


"Wake up", you demand. Max complies. 

"Call me Master Zach, got it?" You demand of him harsher. 


"Yes, Master Zach." Max says in a robotic tone.


"Sit back on the bed. Closer to me. CLOSER." You order him around (POV) as he does everything you tell him.


"Say you like being under my control." You say.


"I like being under your control, Master Zach." Oh wow its so HOT to have POWER over this POWERFUL dumb jock.


"Wiggle your toes". You demand. "Come into the light so I can see you. That's better." You are completely owning Max, who is under your spell. 


"Put both of your arms in the air. So I can get some armpits." You demand. 


"Yes Master Zach."


"Who controls you?"


"You do, Master Zach."


You demand Max flex next. And that he likes flexing. You tell him to do different exercises. Jumping Jacks proceed. "Do them until I tell you to stop", you say bossily. 


"Stop. Stand there." Max complies. 


"Good boy. I want you to now get a cup of water and those fucking crackers YOU can't stand, the ones you said you hated before. I think I want you to eat THOSE crackers now. Go ahead."


Max does as he's told. 


"Open your mouth. Wider. Wider. Start breathing heavily."


Max exhales in powerful clueless masculinity. His warm breath washes over you. His pink tongue is close. 


"Rest your tongue so I can see your throat." You demand. The tongue lowers in the jock's mouth. 


This is a new concept, done as a commission that is one of the hottest things JFP has done. The new focus on who's really in control comes into the picture, And Max only wants to serve you. We hope you feel the same!

Max the Obedient Jock

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