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Max Swallows Tiny Friend
14 minutes + Q & A
THEMES: M/M, Giants, Shrinking, Verbal Jock, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Vore, Burping, Feet (brief), Muscle Play, Belly Bloating
Max had a friend named Silas, who confesses to the jock that he always fantasized about Max eating him one day. "Like for real dude? You want me to swallow you into my stomach?" Silas nods.
"Today's your lucky day. I have this shrink device- and if I point it at you- you'll "
"Ha- shrink! Wow dude you're so fucking small. Check out how BIG the rest of me is compared to you." Max starts by showing off his chest, feet, and belly button especially. He rests a tiny inch tall Silas on his belly. "Soon you'll be INSIDE of me buddy haha!"
After some back and forth playful taunting, it's time to put Max's mouth where the tiny is- literally!
"Are you excited to go in my mouth, loser?" Max says playfully to his tiny friend, who WANTS Max to put him in his throat and swallow him whole. "I mean it's your fantasy dude. I'm ready to taste you bro..." He tosses the little inside, and starts rolling him around on his tongue. Savoring his flavor.
"How does it feel to be in your best friend's mouth?" Max smirks casually, still rolling Silas around and around. "You taste so good!" He keeps licking him for taste, and moaning like Silas is a great meal. 
After hot mouthplay, the jock audibly swallows Silas down down down to his belly. "AHHH man- you feel amazing inside my stomach dude." Max rubs his bare belly, and bloats it out. It's nice when friends can help out other friends! Followed by a few minutes of Q and A with Max talking about whether he would swallow a tiny in real life!

Max Swallows Tiny Friend

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