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Marq Solez Foot & Butt Crushes Tiny Friend

Marq discovers his tiny friend Oliver laying in the kitchen table. He chuckles. "You were always tiny. Now I shrunk your ass to an inch tall haha!" He pounds his hand hard on the table, easily encasing the minuscule man below it. He slams it again, laughing. "Oops! Sorry little man. Didn't see you there." After hand play, the hot jock slams one of his smelly sweaty socks on the table. It's like a building compared to poor Oliver. 


"I heard you had a foot fetish, for sweaty fucking feet. So glad you're the perfect size." Marq says evilly, showing no emotion. Grabbing the runt and putting him up against his socks. "I'm a big ass Giant, with big ass smelly feet. Fucking tiny ass man!" The tones have gone more evil, and the Giant shows no mercy. 


"I gotta surprise for yo ass too. I shrunk your fuckin car too." Marq picks up a red jeep and places it on the table. He chuckles. "I'm gonna demolish this fucking car too." After scaring Oliver by placing the tiny INTO his own tiny vehicle, the Giant shakes the jeep laughing. Then he puts the truck down on the ground, with Oliver trapped inside, and laughs "Fe Fi Fo Fum!" Before smashing his gym shoe right on top of it. The jeep instantly crumbles. In a heated slow-mo scene, the Giant continues to land his big size 11s on the poor jeep. The loud smashes are thundering, and you even see the jeep's engine light up and make noises. 


The next scene has Marq kicking back on his leather chair, and taking his gym shoe off again. "This is the reason you smelling my stinky ass feet! Cause I heard you like this haha." He places his dirty gym shoe completely over the loser's body. "Sniff that haha!" He then takes his sock off and lands it on Oliver. "Oops! Didn't know that was gonna knock you down, man." He then takes some tape and tapes the tiny to his bare sole. "You've always been the runt of the group. Now smell these big ass smelly feet!" He kicks back and laughs more, the sunlight hitting the back wall to create a alluring effect. 


With Oliver still taped to his foot, Marq stomps on him a few times before taking his shirt off. "Now I gotta sit on yo ass, pathetic small ass man." He strips down to just tight thong boxers, and easily bounces up and down on the poor little dude. "Haha you like my smelly ass little dude?" He continues to sit up and down on him, before torturing him quickly in his armpits and then discarding him. What do you want to happen next to the little runt? 


THEMES: M/M, Giants, Foot Play, Hand Play, Butt Crush, Barefeet, Socks, Car Crushing, Foot Taping, Verbal Humiliation


20 minutes

Marq Solez Foot & Butt Crushes Tiny Friend

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