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MarkZilla: StepDad’s Revenge

25 minutes


THEMES: Giants, M/M, Shrinking, City Destruction, Building Crushing, Barefoot Stomping, Butt Crushing, Muscle Domination, Cereal, Vore, Spitting, Verbal Humiliation


SUMMARY: Mark plays an evil StepDad who has a gift for his son’s 19th birthday. It’s a tiny town! He finds the loser such a disappointment as a man, that after teaching him shaving lessons- he throws the dork into the town. “If you can get out the way of my big ass Giant sandals, you get to keep the tiny car I got you hahaha!” Can the tiny StepSon escape Big Mean Mark?


PLOT: “Perfect example of masculinity. Clean shaved, clean mouth- and a perfect physique”, Mark the StepDad smiles evilly towards his StepSon on his birthday. “Too bad you’re not gonna get any presents because disappointments…don’t get birthday gifts.”


Then the Giant StepDad admits he got his StepSon a birthday present. He shrinks the idiot down to an inch tall and tosses him into the model town. 


“A tiny little fucking car haha! And I built you a little city for you to play in little dweeb. Let’s play a game loser. “Oliver and Giant BEANSTALK Dad! If you can get away from my feet, I’ll let you keep your car…and your city.”


Mark shows no mercy. “I built you a Giant House. Hope you like it.” STOMPPPP!!! “Oops, that one wasn’t good anyways.” Mark is in blue jeans and sandals, and keeps crushing each of his pathetic StepSon’s buildings, because he doesn’t see the loser as a real man. 


The selfish Giant also sits on some of the buildings, crushing them between his powerful, jock thighs. Mark is so superior in every form- that the homes and trees (and the little car) are no match for him. 


“How about a little rain storm lol!!” Mark then spits and drools down on one of the houses and poor Oliver.


Once he’s down destroying every single building, he pours himself a bowl of cereal and dumps the little loser in the bowl. Munching on it, Mark eventually swallows his offspring whole (with an actual GULP) and now the failure can finally be a winner - becoming part of his powerful StepDad’s stomach.

MarkZilla: StepDad’s Revenge

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