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Mark Watches TV: Barefeet, Mouthplay, Verbal

Mark kicks back on his bed with his smelly barefeet right in your face POV style. He's watching TV about Giants chasing and eating tiny people. He taunts his little nephew POV style, mocking how he could eat him the same way. "It's just like back at home- when we'd pass you around the dinner table! Oh no, where'd he go? I just picked up the salt shaker! Hahaa he's in my stomach now! OOPS!" Mark does a lot of rewatching of the same clips, but adds more and more cruel verbal domination to it. Wiggling his toes, talking about being a Giant himself. The second part of the video involves Mark holding his nephew to his mouth and tossing him inside as he watches the same scenes. "I didn't mean to toss you in my mouth like that little dude", Mark laughs- nonchalantly doing it anyways. Strong close ups of Mark's big pink tongue licking and rolling the little around, as well as hiccups. Hot experimental video. 


21 minutes

Mark Watches TV: Barefeet, Mouthplay, Verbal

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