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Mark vs. Tiny City

12 mins




THEMES: Giants, Growing, Foot Stomping, Mouth Tease, Special FX, Sound Effects Editing, Verbal 


Mark Summers the mighty Giant discovers a tiny town in his living room. A train station. A parking garage. Buildings. Highways. Everything is easily in his grasp to smash! "I am, after all, the MIGHTY POWERFUL Giant haha! Nothing can stop me!"


A helicopter flies towards the massive Goliath but it's no match for this jock in briefs. 


"ARGHH!! I Never liked News Helicopters anyways!" The Giant swats the flying drone to the ground. Mark is indestructible. 


His bare feet come stomping down hard on everything in his pathway. A clip not to be missed!


NOTE: Slow-Motion Special Effects included!

Mark vs. Tiny City

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