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Mark Toys With Inch Tall Loser

29 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, M/M, Vore, Spitting, MouthPlay, Hiccups, Foot Humiliation, Barefoot, VERBAL


"You stupid, useless pathetic little ass bitch!" Mark laughs, as he kicks his dirty barefeet up on the coffee table. His inch tall pathetic toy finds himself in the clutches of a sarcastic Giant. The duration of the clip consists of Mark spitting, licking, and foot humiliating the little bug. He spits on him, giggling- "OOPS! Sorry - didn't mean to. But you like this I think HAHA!" 

The greedy jock puts him between his big, dirty stinky ass jock toes. He Puts him ALL the way in his mouth, while watching TV about Giants. 


NOTE: Filmed Remotely. Filmed on an angle. 

Mark Toys With Inch Tall Loser

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