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Mark the Giant Vampire

11 minutes, 30 sec (including BONUS Footage!)


THEMES: Giants, POV, Vampire, Teeth, Tongue, Mouth Play, Foot Play, Muscle Play, Verbal, Bloopers


"I LOVE being a Giant Vampire hahaha! Come here loser!" In POV fashion, Mark grabs you and holds you by his barefeet first- threatening to crush you in his sandals and then bare soles. The movie slows down a bit so you can hear the THUDS of the jock's foot as he tries to destroy you.


Then the Giant opens wide- showing his scary fangs! He really IS a vampire! He licks his chops, laughing as you stare down into his throat and see the sharp teeth that could rip you apart you any moment. "Bet you didn't even know I was one huh?" 


Mark's tongue darts around the mouth, licking his teeth and playing with his food a little more.


Then he takes you to his big bedroom. Wearing nothing but black briefs, he flexes and has you climb his body. "Climb up these pecs, loser." He says chilling. 


NOTE: This was our first Vampire clip! The teeth did not hold as easily as we wanted, so there is a fun blooper set showing how Mark had to readjust them. They are realistic to see. We will do more videos like this down the road if this clip is successful, and explore darker stories pertaining to Giant Jock Vampires.


Done as a commission. 

Mark the Giant Vampire

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