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Mark the Giant StepDad, Part 2

24 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Nonconsenual, Foot Crush, Butt Crush, Armpit, MouthPlay, Hiccups, Vore, Verbal


Oliver and Jake are in deeeep trouble. Even after plenty of one on one training with Mark, they still threw the game. Tired of their shenanigans, Mark decides to punish and shrink them down. Pulling out their cage, Mark peels off his shirt and snatches out Jake.


“Your friend has got to go first” he says with an evil grin. He knows Oliver has a thing for Jake and intends to use that against him. Picking up the tiny man, he shoves Jake in between his mountainous pecs. The huge, hairy muscles CRUSH and SQUEEZE the shrunken man. His bones bending and creaking from the intense pressure. 


“This is what it feels like to be dominated by a real fucking man” Mark says as he continues to compress Jake.


“Yeah you are just a worthless little bitch” He says as he slowly slides Jake to his hairy armpit. 


“How’s that taste?” Mark taunts the man


“Always have been the most pathetic weakest of Olive’s friends” Mark continues to rub the screaming tiny all around his musty armpit. Smiling and laughing as he dominates the runt. Ready to amp up the punishment, Mark pulls out some tape and tapes Jake to the bottom of his massive, stinky sole. His large toes wiggling back and forth as he makes Jake smell in between the crevices. The tiny’s head smashed into the vile toe jam that has been building up over the week. 


Picking up the cage. Mark taunts the tiny Oliver and places it on the floor. Showing off his massive sole, the restrained Jake is begging for release. Mark lifts his foot high and 




Jake disappears under the huge, smelly foot. The room shook from the intense stomp. Oliver screams out and cries for mercy yet Mark has other plans. 




“Yeah get crushed by my GIANT FUCKING FEET” He says as he continues to stomp and grind the tiny man. Satisfied that he broke Oliver by destroying his friend. Mark opens the cage and drops the tiny Oliver and the mangled Jake onto a chair. He slowly strips down to his tight-fitting briefs and turns. His TITANIC ass looms above as he slowly sits on the two tinies. Their bodies trapped directly under his sweat, musky crack. Mark rubs his ass on the seat and grinds the two tinies beneath him. HE then stands up and starts to do squats. He time, his bulging ass SLAMS down on top of the tinies. 


“Yeah this isn’t even a workout, You weak little bitches. You cockroaches can’t even stop me right now. Everything you touch is TRASH ” Mark says as he continues to do squats on them. 


Finished, Mark casually knocks the two tinies onto the floor and grabs his sneaker. He holds the opening over the two of them and laughs as they gag on his vile footstench. Mark grabs his sock and shoves the balled up mass on top of the flailing littles. 


“Yeah you like that your little freaks, you like my GIANT STINKY suck all on your face?” He says as he marks the two tinies with his scent. 


“Well you know what, I am tired of you fucking losers” Mark says as he grabs the two tinies and heads over to the kitchen. 


Starting with Jake, he casually tosses the screaming tiny into his mouth and sucks. His massive plump lips easily held the man in place. 


“MMMMMMM” Mark loves the taste of their fear. Bubbles of saliva and drool leak from his mouth like a river. The droplets splashes so hard on the table you can hear the thuds. Jake is thoroughly coated in the viscous mixture as Mark tosses him around his mouth. He reaches out and snatches up Oliver and eats him too. 


The two tinies thrash about as the large, wet tongue tosses them around the flooded cavern. Webs of saliva connect to the sides of the mouth and the bubbling spit drips out of Mark’s Mouth. His is a messy, voracious pred. The drool drips down his chin and onto his massive chest as he savors all that these tinies have to offer. He casually bites down, not enough to kill but enough to scare. Laughing as they scream and beg for mercy. 




Mark accidentally swallows Jake.


“OOOPS” he says with a chuckle as he pats his stomach. Mark Hiccups a bit more before the fit stops. 


“Well goodbye Son” He says as he slowly lowers the crying Oliver into his mouth one…final…time. 




“MMMMMMM, it was fun while it lasted and I love the feeling of you struggling. Have fun with digestion” Mark says as he rubs his stomach. He pours himself one cup of coffee and heads out, leaving the two runts to be converted into something better: Jock Muscle.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Mark the Giant StepDad, Part 2

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