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Mark Talks About Becoming a Giant

Custom Video! Mark Summers kicks back barefoot, shirtless on his couch- raving to his friend what it was like for him to turn into a Giant the size of Godzilla- and come out of the ocean, destroying people, cars and buildings. "Dude it was fucking amazing! Suddenly I grew 200 feet. It was insane. Unreal. Over by the docks." Mark smirks, wiggling his toes. "As soon as I grew, all the people were so small. They looked like little ants. Just the force of stomping my foot on the ground was like a fucking earthquake! The vibrations had people running in fear! I felt like Godzilla haha. I def wanted to let out a roar, but instead I picked up a car and crunched it."


This dialogue continues. Mark never has been this cocky about being a Giant, and the description of WHAT ITS LIKE being a GIANT is very detailed! Like Ethan's phone call, this is a custom like none other!


8 mins 30 secs

Mark Talks About Becoming a Giant

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