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Mark Swallows Tiny Fan

17 minutes + BONUS Interview!


SYNOPSIS: An obsessed fan of Mark Summers barges into the jock's hotel suite, and confesses his darkest fantasy: to be shrunk down, mouth played with and swallowed whole. The cocky star has no issues obliging - at a price. 
THEMES: M/M, Shrinking, POV, Mouth Play, Spitting, Vore, Belly Bloat, Verbal
CUSTOM! Arno has been a fan of Mark Summers forever, and somehow manages to get into the stud's hotel suite. Mark dismisses him at first, but then pauses. "Before you go, I just wanna say if it weren't for fans like you- I wouldn't make any money. So stay." The words of Mark Summers, the number one star of Jock Foot Productions. He lays on his couch wearing blue shades and a dress shirt. The fan can't resist the urge to tell Mark why he's really there. 
"So you have a fetish for guys to shrink you down, play with you in their mouths, and swallow you?" Mark looks a bit bemused. "Okay...hmmm, I can do that. But it's gonna cost you. But once you pay my rate, you'll see it's well worth it." Mark wants $500 cash apped to him. Arno obliges, and after sending the money, gets excited and moves towards the jock. "WHOA", says Mark. "That $500 was just to talk to me. Now if you want me to put you in my mouth, swallow you- that's gonna cost you a little extra." The hunk smirks as he says this. How can the fan resist? 
"How bad do you wanna be in this big, wide mouth of Mark fucking Summers?" He leans in and opens his mouth wide, sticking his thick pink tongue out. $500 more, and the deal is set. "I do admit, I know a little about this fetish. Let's shrink you down first." Mark waves his fingers towards the fan, smirking as the loser gets smaller and smaller. Then he lifts him up towards his massive face. "AHHH The Big Bad Giant vs Arno", the Giant Jock grins. He lifts the inch tall fan to his mouth and opens up. "You're so fuckin small! I wanna put you in there, but not yet." Mark toys with him first. Just as any villain plays with their food first. He gives Arno a big lick with his massive warm tongue. "I bet that feels good to you huh, you little weirdo!" He licks him again, like a piece of candy. He then proceeds to just open his maw wider, showing off his throat and tongue, giving his prey an idea of what is soon to happen to him. 
"Before I put you down the slide, why don't we go on a little ride first?" Mark then proceeds to sloppily lick Arno with spit already dripping off his wet muscle. He soon tosses the inch tall runt into his mouth and rolls him around on his faded pink tongue, savoring his morsel. "Ready to get spit on? Fucking loser?" Mark then spits a giant loogie on poor Arno, covering him in warm saliva. Thick droplets of drool continue to fall on the tiny. Back in the mouth he goes, as Mark moans and smothers him with his tongue over and over again. At one point Arno falls all the way out. "OOPS, you fell hahaha!" Mark chuckles, tossing him back inside. "MMM You taste just like fruit." He spits on him again, making waterfalls. Then back in the maw, like a car wash. "Poor Arno, trapped in Mark Summers' Giant ass mouth", the jock says lazily. 
"Now you're gonna get your money's worth, buddy. Arno is going to get eaten- right now." Mark proceeds to dramatically swallow the helpless tiny down his gullet, emphasizing his throat, neck and eventually his stomach. He bloats his stomach out, letting out some hiccups. "Poor little Arno HIC! HIC! He got HICCUP! Eaten."
BONUS Interview at the end has the cameraman ask Mark what it feels like to swallow an actual tiny, and if he would do it in real life. 

Mark Swallows Tiny Fan

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